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BrightonSEO September 2014

September 16th, 2014

Random notes from the latest Brighton SEO conference

These notes are for me only and not a reflection of the speakers presentations

Programmatic Content: Is this the future of content – Dipesh Pattni

  • ARC Audience Relevant Compelling
  • Resurface the good content
  • Content journeys are the future
  • Related content based on tagging
  • Ascertain which content is working
  • Tag it and use a database to serve
  • Cookie the visitor
  • Segment the audience
  • Then resurface the content

How to get your boss to care about canonical tags – Dan Patmore (Argos lover)

Work out what products people are looking at and make sure they are higher in categories and search

Cannibalisation – Jon Earnshaw

  • Give the page authority by making using internam links
  • Subdomain conflict problems
  • International content issues
  • Semantic flux
  • Watch for sister sites
  • All product pages descriptions when mentioning the brand should link to that brand page

Advertising Analysis – Alexandra Tachalova

  • Emotion triggers
  • Value
  • Trust
  • Up to 70% best discount
  • Create urgency and instant gratification
  • Trend setting
  • Must have
  • Best selling brands
  • Shop the way you want to
  • Online exclusive
  • Shop with confidence

Effective Visits – Lukasz Zelezny

  • Remove the bounces to show effective visits
  • effective visit is more powerful when spotting trends
  • Brand 24
  • Searchmetrics
  • Semrush
  • Analytics canvas
  • Site Catalyst
  • On page Moz

Quickfire takeaways

  • Create data from data to create new content
  • Idea walls to join two ideas to create a new one
  • XML sitemaps can be pasted nto excel
  • Commentate on your niche
  • Take the data from searchmetrics and Semrush – de dupe – optimize each page for the keyword it already ranks for.
  • Take all cx emails from cx who have not bought in a year and add email addresses to a custom audience in facebook – set up campaign – Facebook will build a lookalike adience
  • Feedback Army
  • Have multiple sites in webmaster tools based on the individual top level categories. i.e and