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The Fiverr Senuke XCR Test

February 9th, 2013

Every so often I come across a websites back link profile that has 1000’s of backlinks and I question the quality and legitimacy of them. Why would someone link to this site in those numbers is a question I still ask.

Since Googles algorithm change announced in April 2012 and its subsequent naming ‘Penguin’ are black hat techniques still getting results in the SERPS.

Once in a while I visit and today I was reading about a wholesaler who was asking if he could increase the ranking of his product page on Amazon.

He stated that he earns money when people buy his product whenever it is purchased. He therefore wanted to improve his ranking for certain keywords he felt were specific to his product that do not currently rank by promoting his amazon product page.

This opens up the question if you throw links at an Amazon page will it work. Google is probably not going to punish the technique as it knows Amazon and that Amazon has many good back links. The wholesaler said it worked by getting links through Fiverr (the marketplace where everything is $5) and he was reaping the benefits.

I see a test coming on….

Part 1

Use one of the highest rated sellers on Fiverr for link building to try and rank a specific product page from the test site. Now the test site in question is a site that has been around for a year, has very few backlinks and has content pulled from the Amazon Product API with very little content spinning.

I ordered ‘run Senuke xCR to create Google Friendly Backlinks’ from the user best_seo.

He promises:

* 7000+ GIGS SOLD. BUY 5 & Get 1 FREE. I will nuke variety of backlinks from Web 2.0 articles, PDF Distribution Sites, Wiki Sites, Social Bookmark, Web 2.0 profiles & Forum profiles which are a Great mixture of Low-High PR of Domains, Do-Follow, No-Follow from Different IPs. This is ALL IN ONE SEO PACKAGE for your website, Local Business Site, videos, Press Release, Affiliate Sites, Niche Site, Blog etc. I will deliver detailed report +Ping. I have 2 Years of experience in SeNuke, so with this gig you will hire an expert. My gig is safest! I need 1 URL and upto 6 keywords for each order. No need of artcle because it is scraped by se nuke itself. However, I may use your artcle, if you can provide 500 words in spintax format. This is 100% Google Friendly and Safe! Please read the Extras listed below which makes this gig more powerful. 40% of orders are of Full Monty template with an additional cost of $20.

Seeing as though he used Senuke I thought I would take a look at the tool. Reading between the lines it looks like a tool that automates the registration of profiles on sites that allow you to post links. It looks like many users use it to promote their sites selling the tool itself on an affiliate basis. Snake oil sprang to my mind!! The tool itself is approx £100pm which if it does what it says it does isn’t a bad deal. I am sure pre 2012 early adopters would have made some serious money from both selling and using this tool.

Anyway back to today and the test. What did I expect.

The keywords I am trying to rank for do not bring up the test site in the first 700 results in Google. For this to be worthwhile It needs to be in the top 50.

Obviously top 50 is not really good enough to consider this a financial success. We would need top 20 for that but the product I have decided to test is a popular product so top 50 would be a result.

Results coming soon including the report from best_seo

Part 2

If Part 1 creates an uplift and the site ranks higher than 700 for the keyword the next test will be to see if there is any extra benefit in promoting a high pr site like Amazon.

So what is the point of all this. My expectation is that the thin affiliate site will not see any benefit but the higher PR site will. If it works it proves that since Penguin low quality links are still worth getting. The next test would be to push the barriers to see at what number of low quality links will cause a penalty.

Watch this space. I will revisit this in a couple of weeks.

Free Website Critique

May 14th, 2010

So there I was in the pub after a gruelling cycle ride, talking to a regular, about her website.

Like so many other small businesses there is no money for development or marketing at the moment.

Her business relies on clients signing up for her paid seminars, on her website.

In a nutshell, the site needs qualified traffic to convert to the goal of an application for her seminars.

So where is the site in Google? Despite the small niche’s name being in the domain name it does not rank on the 1st page in the SERPS. It is in fact on page two.

Some PPC advertising is happening to ensure the site has 1st page presence. There does not seem to be any competition keeping the click price down.

Why is it not ranking on the first page?

There is a lot of content and lots of links to subsequent pages which is great. (10/10)

The title tags for each of the pages are unique although the home page does not include the niche’s main keyword.

The meta description tag is the same for all pages and needs to be unique.

Interestingly the site is in DMOZ and its description in the SERPS is being pulled from this entry. Again more emphasis on the main keyword is required here.

There are very few other links to the homepage suggesting a link building campaign is required.

There may well be some duplicate content issues with the domain.tld and domain.tld/home showing the same content.

With a days consultancy and a link building campaign this site could easily rank on page one and probably in position three after one site and a wikipedia entry.

I know that the money is not there for a days consultanc, and to be honest the website owner is pretty tech savvy and in my mind is a great candidate for DIYSEO.

DIYSEO is a relatively new service that mentors the user in optimizing their site through bite size steps that they can do at their own pace.

They are currently offering a free trial for 7 days although £30 a month for SEO ongoing is not a bad price either.

Here is the link again:

DIYSEO – SEO for SMB – Get a 7 Day Free Trial Today!

So now we have got the traffic rolling in through our optimised site we need to concentrate on the conversion.


One of the first things that struck me about the site was no obvious call to action.

As previously stated there is a lot of content on this site and the call to action is hidden within the navigation in text format.

If the end goal is to get an application from a visitor it should be the first thing they see.

I would replace the header image with a banner advertising the online seminar with a huge apply now button and emphasis on online so anyone reading considers themselves a prospect irrespective of where they live in the world.

The banner rather than the current ‘mailto link’ would go to a form with a simple request of an email address followed by another form for date choice and even payment in the future.

So why have a form?

A two stage form will allow you to capture the email address ensuring if the date choice and payment is not made you can follow up with a three stage email campaign. (More about that later)

Some development work is going to be needed here in order to program the form and store the data.

At least three different banners should be created and tested using Website Optimiser from Google. One should have some emphasis saying last few places available even if it is not true to promote a faster reaction to the call to action by the visitor.

Traffic is low to the site but considering the end goal never changes within months rather than days you should have a winner.

Using a service like Mail Chimp, email addresses that are captured but goals are not completed could be sent the following emails.

  1. Thanks for your interest would you like some more information before booking.
  2. Have not heard from you would you like me to call you to make the booking.
  3. OK last ditch attempt – I have one place left that I can offer you for 10% off if you book today.


To understand how users interact with the site I would recommend having a go with Clicktale that records random sessions from users.

You see their mouse movements and clicks. It is not real time but easy to implement and view. You can learn an awful lot about your users in a short space of time.

Further Work

Further enhancements could be made by using information from Google Analytics such as which pages have the highest exit rates, see where drop off is using funnel visualisation.

Finally a PPC campaign here would allow the website to gather lots of keyword data and suggestions that could then be implemented into the natural SEO. That is another blog post!

So to summarise

  2. Banner creation witha strong call to action
  3. A two stage form with the option to pay in the future.
  4. A 3 stage email campaign on drop offs using Mail Chimp
  5. View all of your hard work working using Clicktale
  6. Get to grips with Google Analytics and set up funnels and goals
  7. Think about a PPC strategy really soon.

Hopefully my findings will help the regular in the pub, and anyone else in the same situation.

If anyone has any comments or additions please feel free to leave them here.

If you need any help with your website please get in touch.