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Slow wordpress plugin auto upgrades

September 14th, 2010

Does your wordpress site do the following:

  • Not allow you to upgrade automatically plugins with one click
  • Hangs on a blank page whilst also hanging the entire site
  • Finally comes back with installation errors.

This is the solution for you. (Relates to installs using Wordpress 2.9.1 or above)

Check your permissions are correct.

They probably are if you have not touched them or do not know what I am talking about.

Make sure the server is allocating enough memory to php in your php.ini file

Finally and this is the one that caused me over 2 months of pain.

Check to see which FTP engine your server is using.

PureFTP is the one that causes problems

You need ProFTP.

If you do not have access to your server because you are on shared hosting you will need to talk to your host.

If you are in control of your server using WHM you just need to change the FTP engine in the FTP Server selection page fund under server configuration in the left hand navigation.

Should take approx 1 min.

Check your wordpress plugins again and auto update one and it shouldfly through giving you the success screen in a blink.

If you cannot change or want to change to ProFTP you could make sure suPHP is installed on the server.

This will allow the php scripts access to write to the directories whilst still using PureFTP

I hope this helps anyone stumbling upon this post with the same problem as me.

Comments welcome

This information is provided FOC and I cannot take any responsibility for anything going wrong whilst following the above instructions. If you are unsure talk to someone in support at your hosting provider.